In the face of the epidemic, apple is planning to introduce a new purchase policy to make it easier to buy the new iPhone 12 while ensuring the safety of users. Currently, apple allows iPhone 12 orders to be picked up from nearby stores. However, in some offline stores, an express system similar to the bank counter is implemented to minimize the contact between people. < / P > < p > Apple disclosed to business insider that if there is a long line outside the open Apple store, Apple will reserve space for customers in line and tell them that they can choose to come and buy the device at other times. Those who plan to line up in the apple store can also get a reservation without waiting in line. < / P > < p > while some apple stores do not allow guests to enter the store, such as the Union Square store in San Francisco, California. An employee of the store said customers had to book ahead of time to buy the iPhone 12 on the launch date, although it was not clear whether that meant booking or booking on the launch date. Although Apple doesn’t seem to encourage people to line up in front of the store, there are still many loyal Apple fans in front of the store wearing masks. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract