Skeleton, an Estonian based start-up, and karlsruhr Institute of technology in Germany have jointly completed the research and development of super battery technology for electric vehicles. This breakthrough graphene battery can be fully charged in 15 seconds. This is a hybrid battery pack, which combines ordinary lithium-ion batteries and skeleton’s self-developed super capacitor batteries to play their respective advantages under collaborative work. In short, lithium batteries have a high energy density, which means that they can store a lot of energy, but their power density is often quite low, which means that they charge and discharge relatively slowly. That’s why the charging time of electric vehicles is so long, which is also a key bottleneck that the automobile industry wants to eliminate. < / P > < p > supercapacitors or supercapacitors can store charges statically rather than chemically, so they provide huge power density, charge and discharge at higher rates, and last hundreds of thousands of cycles without degradation. But on the other hand, their energy density is very poor compared with lithium batteries; to keep the same energy, you need a battery pack many times larger than a similar lithium battery. < / P > < p > skeleton combines some elements of supercapacitor with lithium-ion battery to achieve the effect of both, making a very attractive solution. “In fact, our superbatteries combine the advantages of supercapacitors and batteries: curved graphene with high surface area allows rapid charge and discharge, while a specially developed battery chemical can store more energy reversibly than a pure supercapacitor,” said taavi madiberk, chief executive of skeleton. The combination of these two technologies allows rapid charging and discharging, while increasing energy density. ” Global Tech