Bonhams’ annual auction of the history of science and technology continues, and this year’s auction will be held on November 5. One of the most noteworthy collections of this auction is contributed by Jerry Merryman, the original member of the team, from Caltech, a prototype handheld calculator from Texas Instruments. < p > < p > Merryman, one of the three co founders of the world’s first handheld electronic calculator, died last February at the age of 86. Texas Instruments’ Caltech is the first handheld calculator in history, and the only other known prototype is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of history. < / P > < p > this highly valuable calculator will be put on public auction. What’s more, the stock price of the prototype calculator is between 30000 and 50000 US dollars. Compared with its historical value, the estimated auction price should be underestimated. The handheld calculator was a “killer” success, and Canon bought the rights and launched the pocketronic calculator on April 14, 1971. The four function calculator weighs 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg) and initially sold for $250. Within a few months, as manufacturing costs fell to $150, sales continued to grow. In 1972, five million pocket calculators were sold in the United States alone. Global Tech