In 2017, Toyota publicly displayed project portal, a semi-trailer driven by fuel cell for the first time; in 2018, Toyota launched the second generation, further demonstrating Toyota’s attempt in the field of hydrogen fuel cell; in 2020, Toyota is developing a mass-produced fuel cell semi-trailer truck. < / P > < p > the Japanese automaker announced the news on Monday that Toyota has begun to commercialize its class 8 truck after years of optimization. Toyota said it would work with Hino, a Japanese commercial vehicle maker, to provide semi-trailer chassis and integrate fuel cell power trains. Finally, it will be built into a zero emission semi truck. < / P > < p > the specific specifications of this commercial version of the semitrailer are not clear yet, but they should be modified based on the second generation project portal. The prototype has more than 670 horsepower, a torque of 1 325 LB ft and a pull capacity of 80000 lbs. All along, two hydrogen fuel stacks and a 12 kilowatt hour battery helped the truck travel 300 miles. Global Tech

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