Adata XPG announced today that the gammix S50 Lite pciegen4 solid-state hard disk adopts the latest ultra-high-speed interface of PCIe gen4x4, and is compatible with nvme 1.4 standard. The continuous read-write capacity can reach 3900 / 3200mb / s. Such a strong read-write speed makes this hard disk the best choice for boot disk or game warehouse. < / P > < p > gamma S50 Lite uses aluminum alloy heat sink, which can reduce the temperature of SSD by 20%, avoid system overheating, and maintain efficient performance. The SSD is equipped with Huirong sm2267 master control, 3D TLC flash, with a maximum capacity of 2TB, and supports SLC caching, DRAM cache buffer and LDPC ECC debugging mechanism. Under the high-speed operation of games, image processing or 5g industry, the data transmission is still correct and complete. “With the launch of S50 Lite, we have now expanded the product range of PCIe 4.0 SSDs to meet not only the needs of early users, but also the needs of mainstream users, whether it’s work or entertainment,” said Ibsen Chen, product marketing director of Weigang < / P > < p > Weigang S50 Lite series has 1TB and 2TB capacity, and the price has not been announced yet. The whole series provides a five-year warranty, and the price should not be high. It is cheaper than the flagship pci4.0 products, which just fills the market of pci4.0 and pci3.0. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple