During TGS 2020, Naoki Yoshida, producer of “Final Fantasy 14” and “Final Fantasy 16”, talked about the recently released first trailer of “Final Fantasy 16”. He said he didn’t want to use pre rendered animations to deceive players, but chose to use the actual images of the game to display, even though they had not been optimized and adjusted. He said: “I don’t want the trailer to be just a pre rendered animation and then pop up with a logo. I want to use resources (material) that move instantly in the game, even though it’s not the best time to show them. We haven’t debugged and optimized the screen, so there’s still a lot of work to do. < / P > < p > but if we release a pre rendered trailer, players will say [OK, see you in 2035] or something like that. I’ve seen such comments from the United States. So we really want to show players what’s really in the game, and we haven’t shown the highlights of the game in the trailer, which will be shown in the next Trailer we’re making carefully. ” < / P > < p > according to Yoshida, the official website of “Final Fantasy 16” will be launched at the end of October, providing some information about the characters and the world. The next major update on the news will be in 2021. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19