At present, the bloober team has officially released a new demonstration of “Observer: system restoration”, which mainly shows some task details. The following are the relevant details of the official disclosure. “Observer: system restoration” is the next generation enhanced version of the cyberpunk thriller game “the observer”, which was set in 2084. In this dark cyberpunk world torn apart by plague and war, players will play the role of a neural network detective, invade other people’s brains to obtain clues, use the suspect’s thinking and memory to solve the case, and capture the mysterious murderer. < / P > < p > in this version, three new collateral cases are added for the old players to detect one by one, so as to experience the anti Utopian game world more deeply. The new cases include errant signal, her feminine symmetry and it runs in the family. The new cases increase the depth of the plot. Players can experience or become our real future in the game, and explore the thought-provoking theme in the future world. < / P > < p > < p > the observer: System Restore will be available on November 10, landing on PC and xboxseries X / s, and on ps5 platform on November 12. Privacy Policy