A week ago, the company announced that it would close their Versailles office in France. Today (October 14), CGT, specis unsa and cfe-cgc, the French trade union, are leading employees to protest strikes. The closure of Versailles will have 285 positions affected, and it is difficult for them to go out and find a new job in the current situation. In this statement, the social and Economic Commission (CSE) issued a proposal on employees’ mental health due to the deterioration of working conditions and psychosocial risk factors (defined as risk factors affecting psychological response to working conditions, such as heavy workload, strict requirements, and lack of control over working methods). Their collective union has three demands for these things: < p > P > although no details of the closure were given, Bloomberg reported that the company initially planned to move half of its offices to London, although the plan was interrupted by the brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, which eventually led to a decision to shut down the Office completely. At present, some employees have been transferred to other offices, and Blizzard’s office in the Hague last year has been closed, and Blizzard has negotiated with the French government on the legal compensation scheme for large-scale layoffs and has removed 134 of the 400 positions in Versailles. The results of the strike remain to be observed, and while there have been many previous attempts to narrow the size of the office and close the office, a victory in this matter may be only a temporary means. Global Tech