With Facebook on the side of epic game, the company’s “friend and foe” relationship with Apple has become more complicated. Foreign media pointed out that Facebook also believed that Apple’s app store policy had caused different degrees of harm to other enterprises, and on the same day launched a comprehensive publicity criticism of Apple’s privacy policy. “We believe it is also important for the courts to understand the far-reaching impact of Apple’s unfair policies,” Steve Satterfield, head of privacy and public policy at Facebook, said on a conference call on Wednesday. < p > < p > Apple has previously said that Facebook executives are trying to gather as much relevant information as possible without considering users’ privacy. But as Facebook follows epic into the battle against apple, the public’s perception of these lawsuits is likely to change. < / P > < p > in the August lawsuit, epic sued apple for extracting 30% of Fort night The policy of internal purchase sharing is too overbearing, which is regarded as a hard struggle between Internet game developers and monopoly app stores, and has aroused strong concern in the technology industry. < / P > < p > many users and industry analysts believe that this lawsuit will be an expensive negotiation between a billion dollar enterprise and a trillion level technology giant. As for how the subsequent verdict will be made, it remains to be decided by the jury next year. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities