As early as October 2019, Facebook began testing a news program called “Facebook news” in the United States. As the name suggests, it positions itself as a special label that contains a variety of news articles, including the most relevant national stories of the day. In addition to using algorithms to highlight original content, it also relies on a nonpartisan team of curators who choose stories to display in today’s stories according to public criteria. < / P > < p > the plan is clearly a success as the company has now announced that it will launch Facebook news in the UK in January 2021. < / P > < p > in the first wave of promotions, Facebook will work with more than a dozen publishers, including the economist, archant and the guardian media group. These publishers have many brands, such as mirror, independent, GQ, vogue, Tatler, etc. < p > < p > Facebook said the UK launch would allow local publishers to reach new audiences. At the same time, it also allows consumers to discover new, diversified stories and credible news reports in the “major news cycle”. When it launched in the US earlier, the company noticed that 95% of its traffic came from people who had never interacted with publishers or their brands in the past. < / P > < p > in addition, in order to promote the development of local journalism in the UK, Facebook will extend its community news program (CNP) in the country for one year. The program is responsible for training local journalists from different backgrounds. The company said: < / P > < p > the pilot project enables the national journalist Training Council (NCTJ) to supervise the recruitment of more than 80 trained community journalists and to place them in nearly 80 local press rooms. The National Committee for training journalists and publishers have focused on identifying trainees from different socio-economic backgrounds to reflect the diversity of the local communities they serve. In fact, at least 68% of the journalists employed in the pilot project met one or more of the measured diversity criteria. Up to now, 80% of the front page journalists have published the front page of CNP within three months. < / P > < p > the extension of this plan is accompanied by an additional investment of 2.25 million pounds. Finally, the company said the next step is to introduce Facebook news to Germany and France, and will soon expand to more countries. Global Tech