When the RTX 30 series graphics card is about to be sold, what is the experience of buying another RTX 2080s video card host for 20000 yuan? Now Aldi has officially crossed the border to the e-commerce channel of electronic products. Originally, this company was engaged in food discount. In recent years, it has started to sell iPhones, computer accessories, computer hosts and other products. < p > < p > their first high-end game PC is media erazerhunter X10, which is officially accepted for booking today. The price is 2424.03 euro, about 19600 yuan. < / P > < p > other products include Haiyun 750W power supply, side transparent RGB chassis, win10 genuine system, etc., which are expected to be delivered within 5-10 days, which is the day when RTX 3080 comes into the market. Global Tech