Liu Cixin in the “three body” describes the three body Galaxy fascinating, its mysterious fate is even more fascinating. Now, for the first time, astronomers have discovered a nearly identical trisomy galaxy as described in the novel. This is < / P > < p > < p > there are many ring-shaped matter disks around the star that are pregnant with planets. The mass of the inner ring is equivalent to 30 earths, and the outermost ring is equivalent to 245 earths. It is about 338 astronomical units (more than 50 billion kilometers) away from the center of the system. It is amazing that the orbits of these disks and three stars are not on the plane, especially the inner ring has the largest inclination angle, and even casts shadows on the outer ring, which also provides a rare example for the study of planetary system evolution. < / P > < p > after 11 years of continuous observation, astronomers believe that there is a young planet, or at least a planetary embryo, in this system, which is estimated to be about 46 astronomical units away from the center of the system, which is farther than Neptune from the sun. It is its existence that causes the whole planetary system to be on the verge of gravitational imbalance collapse. Torn by all kinds of gravitation, there is bound to be a strange world, just like Liu Cixin’s three body planet. On the other hand, the existence of this three body system does not mean that the three body problem has been solved, but the third star is just in the right position at present. It is difficult to say what the future fate will be, and that planet is doomed to be ill fated. Global Tech