Compared with other car accidents such as blisters and collisions, spontaneous combustion is probably the most difficult thing for car owners to accept. Usually, the vehicle is completely scrapped after spontaneous combustion. At the same time, because of the various causes of spontaneous combustion, it is difficult to prove and protect the rights, and the car owners will also bear more losses. Recently, Mr. Zhou, the owner of Hefei, Anhui Province, has encountered such a thing. After 23 days of buying his new Lexus es200, the car ignited spontaneously and the car was completely burned down.

at first, the 4S store thought that it was not due to quality reasons and did not make any compensation. However, after nearly three months of difficult rights protection for the owners, the 4S shop finally made full compensation.

it is reported that Mr. Zhou spent 290000 yuan on the car in April this year. At the same time, the 4S store also requires mandatory installation of 10000 yuan of optional accessories, otherwise they can’t pick up the car. In addition, the 4S store also charged an additional charge of 18000 yuan, including the optional fee and financial comprehensive service fee.

but surprisingly, 23 days after the new car was picked up, it suddenly ignited in the early hours of the morning, and the interior of the car was completely burned. Later, the fire department provided a police certificate that the vehicle spontaneous combustion was not caused by human factors.

after the event, the 4S shop and the manufacturer’s representatives also conducted on-site inspection of the train. The 4S shop put forward the plan of “repairing the car” and “changing the car”, but they were all rejected by the owner. Car owners hope to be able to compensate for all their car purchase losses, including car purchase fees, purchase taxes, insurance, and lost work fees.

at first, the 4S store said that it would pay the direct fire loss of 140000 yuan according to the appraisal report, but after calculating the relevant expenses, Mr. Zhou, the owner of the car, thought that his car purchase loss was close to 370000 yuan. There was no agreement on the amount of compensation.

it was only recently that the latest news about Mr. Zhou’s rights protection incident came out. According to media reports, Mr. Zhou had reached an agreement with the 4S shop and the factory building, and the other party would pay in full. However, due to the signing of the confidentiality agreement, the specific amount of compensation has not been announced.