The chairman of Zhengwei is Guo taiqiang, the younger brother of Guo Taiming, founder of Hon Hai (Foxconn). Foxconn has an iPhone assembly plant in India. < p > < p > last month, foreign media reported that Hon Hai, Heshuo and Wistron, Apple’s three major generation factories, will participate in India’s production incentive plan, with a total investment of 900 million US dollars (about 6.13 billion yuan) in India in the next five years. < / P > < p > in order to attract investment from domestic and foreign technology enterprises and build India into a global Smartphone Production Center, the Indian government announced in June this year about US $6.65 billion in incentives, which took effect in August for five years. Since 1986, Zhengwei has been producing connectors and connectors, including power management and energy modules, and has been extended to wireless communication and optical products. Global Tech