For many users now, even if you grab the first batch of iPhone 12, they will receive the product on October 23, and now some people have publicly released the real machine in advance, of course, not Apple official. According to Becky Worley, ABC News technology reporter in the US media, Apple has already sent the iPhone 12 to them in advance, and it has also displayed the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro on Good Morning America. < / P > < p > from the live pictures displayed, beautiful anchor Becky Worley started with the new color of iphone12 and iPhone 12 pro, one of which is navy blue, and the other is Pacific Blue, both of which are new colors added to this year’s new machine. < / P > < p > I have to say, from the actual display effect, the two new colors of iPhone 12 are still very bright, and the recognition is also very high, which should be the most popular color of iPhone 12 in the early stage. < p > < p > when kaiann drance, vice president of marketing at Apple, was asked in an interview on Good Morning America why iPhone chargers and earphones were canceled. Her response was that most people already have these things, and if they are returned now, it would be a waste and not conducive to environmental protection. Skip to content