Despite Apple’s starting price of $799 for the iPhone 12, 9to5mac found that things were not so simple – a close look at the description on the official website shows that the actual starting price of a non contract machine is $829. The same is true for the iPhone 12 mini, with the price of the unlocked version rising directly to $729 from $699 before at & T and Verizon subsidies. < / P > < p > to avoid being bombarded with fraudulent pricing strategies, apple cleverly said in a press release that “the offer includes a $30 at & T or Verizon discount.”. < / P > < p > in other words, for the market regions without operator subsidies, the starting cost of purchasing the iPhone 12 this year is likely to be quietly raised by at least $30. < / P > < p > but the $130 price difference between the two new models of the same brand may be explained by the introduction of OLED screens (previously exclusive for pro models), so you can also think that the price of OLED iPhones has been reduced by $170. Global Tech