According to foreign media wcftech, NiO’s share price has just ended an amazing trading week, with its share price up nearly 30% in five days. However, in a development that is hardly noticed by investors, lucid air is preparing to become a very strong competitor of Weilai ee7 sedan, which is expected to appear at NiO day in Chengdu on January 9, 2021. The foreign media pointed out that there are still some doubts about whether Weilai will launch a more sporty ee7 or a more traditional et7 car in this high-profile event. Before delving into the details, it may be more advantageous to discuss the historic bull market currently underway in Weilai. As wccftech reported on October 14, Nick Lai, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co., gave Weilai an overweight rating, sharply raising its target price to $40, with an increase of more than 40% at Friday’s closing price of $28.48. J.P. Morgan’s overweight rating is based on its estimate of 3.0 times enterprise value (EV) and sales in 2025. In a key insight, J.P. Morgan now predicts that Vera will have a 7% share of the entire electric vehicle market by 2025, including 30% of high-end electric vehicle sales. < / P > < p > in addition, Citigroup analyst Jeff Chung also raised the stock rating of Weilai from “neutral” to “buy” last week, citing the establishment of an order backlog and favorable government policy support. < / P > < p > this involves the crux of the problem. On October 14, lucid motors provided an important update to its only product, the lucid air ev. The company points out that the retail price of the basic model will be $77400. However, after the US federal tax credit is included, the effective price will be reduced to $69900. This price puts lucid air in a very attractive position compared with Tesla Model s and the upcoming car of Weilai. In fact, Tesla responded quickly, reducing the price of its model s to $69420 for the second time this week. < / P > < p > the lucid air is a luxury electric car in three versions: air, air tour and air grand tour. The basic model starts at $69900 (through the federal tax credit), offers 406 miles of range and 2.5 seconds of 100 km acceleration. In addition to pure luxury, air features “its ultra fast 900v + Architecture, which is compatible with CCS standards and can be used in any public charging station”. That way, you can get 300 miles of range with 20 minutes of fast charging. < / P > < p > unfortunately, details about Wellcome ee7 are still very few, as the company has chosen to maintain maximum confidentiality until its expected release early next year. However, it is certain that “this will be a smart car with 5g connected vehicle technology”. In addition, the car is expected to enter mass production in the fourth quarter of 2021 at the Weilai factory in Jianghuai. < p > < p > Weilai ee7 may be put into mass production in December 2021 and officially launched in 2022, which gives lucid air a great advantage in establishing its reputation and sense of presence in the market. In addition, by pricing its base model at a very attractive price, lucid seems to be targeting Tesla Model s and Wellcome ee7. However, there are several factors that limit the rise of lucid’s products. First of all, Weilai already has a considerable influence in the field of electric vehicles in China. The company not only accelerates the launch of electric vehicles, but also participates in the expansion of China’s charging infrastructure. If we add the government’s very favorable policies to local enterprises, the leading advantage of Weilai in China may be insurmountable for emerging enterprises like lucid. By contrast, Tesla’s model s can’t surpass the amazing look of air. However, Tesla’s unparalleled ability to drive automatically can continue to be a huge incentive for potential buyers. In addition, Tesla is an undisputed giant in the field of electric vehicles, with considerable cash and financing, surpassing any emerging competitor. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure