Lao Huang’s 30 series video card was officially announced, and the smoke of the future World War II will be stronger. In terms of performance, the high-end 30 series graphics card will absolutely crush the next generation host ps5 / Xbox series X, but the cost of PC hardware is relatively higher. However, foreign media gamerant talked about the choice of next generation, and they think that PC is the best game platform for the next generation. < / P > < p > PC platform has been ignored by developers all the time, to the relatively lower price and more affordable game platform, as well as the operating advantages of keyboard and mouse in some games, making PC become more affordable and easier to use in the past 10 years. < / P > < p > now, console manufacturers are more unintentionally proving that PC is the best place to play new works, because windows, the evergreen platform, continues to be more widely supported by the first party studio of Xbox, and even Playstation, which is often hesitant when some games log on to the PC. In addition, PC can play both new and old games, and there is little need to worry about downward compatibility. Although there are not many popular games on the PC platform like the host exclusive works, the future of PC is undoubtedly more bright. < / P > < p > although third-party games have landed on the PC to varying degrees, Xbox once completely opposed to allowing its first party games to land on the PC platform. Ironically, PC players haven’t forgotten that, and the halo series hasn’t been on the PC for a while, because Microsoft wants to continue selling Xbox consoles and Xbox Live services. < / P > < p > before Microsoft decided to launch halo: collection of officers and officers on PC, players from its Russian mod community had localized and adapted their unique free halo game. But it’s worth noting that acquiescence is not out of desperation or protection of game IP, but the plan of Xbox and Microsoft. < / P > < p > it wasn’t until the advent of the Xbox play anywhere program that Xbox became interested in PC game support. Now, Xbox play anywhere is not cancelled. First party games like extreme speed, war machine, anti riot police and, of course, halo will always be on the PC. Considering the development track of Xbox, adding XGP subscription service on PC and further supporting other games to log on PC, this may not happen soon. Full support for Xbox has brought a lot of rewards to Microsoft, and even made Sony, its biggest competitor, change its mind. < / P > < p > if it had been two years ago, fans of Sony Playstation would have laughed at the idea of first-party games landing on PCs. Now, in 2020, horizon: Dawn, one of the largest PS4 exclusive games, has been transplanted to the PC platform. Although the initial effect is not good, it has been solved by subsequent patches. Horizon: Dawn finally performs very well on steam. Now Sony even mentioned that they are considering porting more Playstation exclusive games to PCs over time. It’s shocking that even Sony, which has so much emphasis on exclusive works, is willing to extend their games to PC platforms. < / P > < p > although Playstation now is the first technology to bring PS4 games into PC platform, it is also the first time Playstation has recognized PC game platform in recent years. Not only that, like “Shenhai” and “blood source” such PS4 exclusive games will eventually move to PC. As early as 2018, when Sony was still hesitating whether to launch cross platform games only in Fortress night, many people thought Playstation would not deviate from the traditional way. Now that fortress night can be played across platforms on all devices, it’s clear that Playstation’s exclusive culture has changed, and even consider porting more exclusive games to a platform it often ignores. < / P > < p > of course, although there are more PC players in China than in foreign countries, considering all the support the PC player community has received in the past 10 years, it is more reasonable to choose to play games on PC now than ever before. Console manufacturers will still make money from players, because the mainframe is cheaper and it is a professional game platform. But in fact, the price performance ratio of desktop game PC and game book has always been more attractive. < / P > < p > various game PCs are widely used, powerful and reasonably priced. Players can play games by using mouse, keyboard or handle. Basically, as long as they make a big game, they will support the dual input selection of handle / keyboard and mouse. In addition, game PC can not only play games, multimedia entertainment, rendering graphics and so on, but also has a variety of functions. Assuming that the next generation host manufacturers will give further support to the next generation games on the PC side, then the future of PC games will be bright. PC has become an all inclusive game platform. The release of the new series 30 graphics card may seem to be an expensive choice at first glance, but in fact, PC has become the best place to play games with both cost performance and image quality. Global Tech