According to foreign media reports, the US electric truck maker Nikola’s $2 billion deal with GM may be delayed. On September 8th, GM said it would buy 11% of Nikolai for $2 billion. In return for its acquisition of Nikolai’s shares, the company will provide Nikolai with batteries, chassis architecture, fuel cell systems, and will design and manufacture electric and fuel cell versions of the badger truck. < / P > < p > when the deal is announced, the two companies are expected to close the deal by September 30. If the deal is not completed by December 3, 2020, both parties can terminate the transaction. However, on September 10, Hindenburg Research (Hindenburg) published a short report on Nikolay. In the report, the agency accused Nicholas and Milton of making false statements to investors. < / P > < p > according to the agency, Nikolay misled its partners by falsely publicizing the company’s technologies, including its hydrogen fuel cell, which never existed. In addition, the agency also accused Nikolay of establishing a partnership with GM through deception. Nikolai’s share price plummeted after being shorted by Hindenburg, falling from $50.05 on the day the deal with GM was announced on September 8 to $17.88 local time on Tuesday. < / P > < p > despite Nikolay’s serious fraud charges, GM intends to close the deal. The company said it would support the deal, saying it was strategic and would allow GM to cut costs. But it is clear that the deal cannot be completed before September 30. On Tuesday, GM said in a statement that the deal has not yet been completed and that its negotiations with Nikolay are continuing and that it will provide further updates as appropriate or as needed. Global Tech