Jean Louis gassee, a former Apple executive, said recently that the first generation of “Apple glasses” is more likely to be VR wearable than ar wearable. Rumors about Apple’s so-called ar glasses have surfaced for several years, and it has recently been revealed that “Apple glasses” may make its debut in 2020 or 2021. < / P > < p > however, gassee said that seeing any set of Apple ar wearable devices would cause some problems. Instead, he thinks the first apple hybrid reality device is more likely to be a pair of VR glasses. < p > < p > gassee said: “a privacy conscious company like apple may be very cautious either not to install the camera, restrict its use, or at least provide clear instructions when the camera is running.” < / P > < p > on the technical front, gassee said Apple glasses would need a set of sensors for head and body movements. Even if you put most of the heavy work down to the connected iPhone, it still needs computing power and battery power to work. < p > < p > gassee expects Apple’s first headset to be a pair of VR glasses that may be related to Apple arcade game services. < / P > < p > there are many rumors that contradict gassee’s prediction, including the reports of analysts such as Jon Prosser and Guo Mingji. For example, Guo believes that the connected iPhone can handle most of the computing of the first generation of Apple glasses, eliminating the need for more powerful hardware. Global Tech