Christopher weaver, founder of group B, commented on Microsoft’s acquisition in an interview with foreign media inverse recently. He said that what Microsoft has, Sony will never get. He also believes that the players will be the real winners in this acquisition. Weaver played an important role in the development of the ancient scroll 1. She founded group B in 1986 and its parent company zenimax media in 1999. He officially left the company in 2002 and was zenimax’s largest shareholder until the late 2000s. < / P > < p > “with one of the most experienced companies in the entertainment software industry, Microsoft immediately raised its position in the game industry, while Bethesda got the benefit of focusing their creative firepower on game software to supply Microsoft’s game lineup. This is a marriage of interests with well-known domestic partners and has a bright future. ” Weaver also said that if properly managed, the merger would be a success for both sides. He also highlighted the importance of the acquisition for Xbox to compete with Playstation’s next-generation console. < / P > < p > “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this announcement is so close to the announcement of Sony ps5 (price / release date). The world has proved that its own 3A game manufacturers are limited. After Microsoft owns them, Sony will never get them again. The right combination of partners can provide scale effect, but the final test will be proved by the quality of products produced over a long period of time. ” < p > < p > Weaver said that he understood Microsoft’s commitment to give sufficient free space in the operation of group B. But he also doubted that Microsoft would not take advantage of some of its new assets (group B). < / P > < p > “my understanding is that Microsoft respects Bethesda’s 34 year proven ability to produce high-quality games and promises to keep Bethesda on its own and not be assimilated. However, I haven’t seen any executive who doesn’t want to speed up the sale of potential products. The trick is to keep Microsoft executives away from their games before a product is really ready for the golden age. Bethesda has been making commercial software for a long time. I believe Microsoft executives will respond to Bethesda’s investment. ” < / P > < p > “the acquisition of Bungie was an important reason for the early Xbox success. Depending on how quickly Bethesda can prepare for Microsoft’s product line, I think Microsoft is studying their playbook and hoping to repeat one of its best moves. If this strategy works, it will be a brilliant counterattack against Sony. Players from all over the world will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the deal. I wish them all the best. ” After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today