Beijing News shell financial news (reporter) Liang Chen) on February 20, Foxconn Technology Group (also known as Hon Hai Precision) held the opening ceremony. Chairman Liu Yangwei of Foxconn Technology Group presided over and answered a reporter’s question. In the fourth quarter or so, there will be two to three vehicles designed according to the MIH platform. Currently, 736 members of MIH have joined in, and a general meeting will be held in March to disclose the next development plan of MIH.

MIH is an electric vehicle industry alliance promoted by Foxconn, which is an internal organization of Foxconn. In November 2020, Foxconn announced that it would become an independent organization by the end of June 2021. Liu Yangwei once said that members of the alliance will share their experience in electric vehicles in order to shorten development time and reduce development costs.

As for electric vehicles, Liu Yangwei said that last year he judged that 2025 would be a critical year, but now it may be advanced to 2024. Many new electric vehicles will be released before 2024, so the recent two or three years are very critical. He also predicted that there would be more new electric car players than expected. Foxconn is exploring cooperation with Geely and Faraday future.

In addition, Liu Yangwei said that in the first quarter of this year, “the off-season is not weak”, because the lack of work is not like the previous situation because of the local new year. Moreover, the epidemic has eased, and the demand side continues to be at the end of last year (2020).

In response to the progress of bidding for Malaysia’s 8-inch wafer factory, Liu Yangwei said that the company is still making efforts to negotiate with the local government in connection with the decision, and there may be different forms of cooperation.

In addition, Liu Yangwei also responded to the problem of chip shortage. Foxconn is still evaluating the causes of the shortage, and believes that demand is the real reason. Its customers have proper planning, and the impact is limited.