According to French television 2 reported on the 7th, 25000 confirmed cases were added in three days, and 28 French provinces were listed as “epidemic Red areas”, and the anti epidemic situation was grim. Novel coronavirus pneumonia may increase in the next two weeks, the French public health bureau warned. The French Supreme Court also issued a special administrative order on the evening of 6, authorizing provincial governors to upgrade the mandatory wearing of masks according to the situation. “Translucent mask” is becoming a popular product in France in the future. < p > < p > it is reported that since the beginning of school, all teachers and students of junior high school and above have to wear masks on campus, but this has caused understanding and learning disabilities for hearing-impaired students and kindergarten children who are learning language and reading. To help students complete their studies, all kindergarten teachers and teachers in charge of teaching hearing-impaired students will be equipped with “translucent masks”. The “translucent mask” designed by special education teacher O’Reilly presents a “window shape”. The upper and lower parts are traditional cloth or medical melt blown cloth, and a plastic transparent mask is added in the middle. In this way, when she lectures, students can see the mouth shape of her pronunciation and communicate more smoothly. Currently, there are five models of “translucent masks” approved by the government in France, two of which are designed and manufactured by companies that employ people with disabilities. France’s State Secretary for disabled persons, carluzel, said that the absence of a teacher’s voice in class was tantamount to depriving some children of their right to education. Therefore, France will produce more than 100000 “translucent masks” by the end of this month to distribute them to teachers in the autumn. Kruzel also said that the “translucent mask”, which costs 8-10 euros per piece, will be ordered by the Ministry of education. After being washed with 60 degree hot water, the mask can be reused 25 times. The French Association for the disabled said it hopes to increase the production of “translucent masks” to 500000 by the end of the year. Skip to content