Recently, according to foreign media reports, Bollinger, a U.S. start-up electric vehicle manufacturer, said it would apply for battery pack patents for its upcoming electric vehicles, including mechanical, electrical and system and design innovation technologies. Bollinger said in a statement that the company has built a battery pack with high point height structural features, excellent cooling performance and state-of-the-art. The central I-beam of the battery pack has a channel full of cooling liquid, which can pump the coolant into the battery pack to remove the heat in the battery module. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the battery pack module is not an integrated battery, but a 35kwh battery “string” is used to configure the battery module into battery packs with different sizes and energy capacities. < / P > < p > the smallest battery pack has a capacity of 35kwh, and can also be configured into 70, 105, 140 and 175 kwh or higher. It is reported that such battery strings are still independent batteries in nature, and if they are “dropped”, they can still operate independently of each other. < / P > < p > what is different is that the two products created by Bollinger are extremely simple in shape. The square and upright modeling is almost entirely practical. A large number of mechanical parts such as rivets, hinges and buttons of the exposed body seem to be back in the “Willis” era. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States