A real challenge for the automotive industry is turning to eliminate emissions and new emissions challenges. The tires themselves do not produce emissions, but as the tires wear, the dust and particles they shed will produce unhealthy non exhaust emissions. It’s not good for the planet or our lungs. Tyre collective recently unveiled its future tire concept, which is designed to absorb these pollutants as the tire rolls. < / P > < p > organizers of the James Dyson design award announced its winners in the UK this week, and this group of innovative thinkers has won one of the honors for its device to eliminate 60% of tire pollution when the car is rolling. The name of the device is not known, but essentially it acts like an air filter, capturing non exhaust emissions before they enter the atmosphere. According to tyre collective, as the tires roll, the filters suck up the particles, and manufacturers can even use them to make new tires. A previous study has shown that a typical European hatchback produces about 4.5 grams of particulate pollution per kilometer. And the heavier the vehicle, the worse the result. As tyre collective explains, this is because particles are released by friction with positive charges. What kind of car makes more things than usual? Electric cars. The battery pack is heavy. Although electric vehicles are beginning to solve the problem of exhaust emissions, they create a new (though much smaller) pollution problem in terms of non exhaust emissions. < / P > < p > tyre collective imagines the device attached to the steering knuckle, running on the power of the vehicle’s alternator, which uses the air flow from the tires to keep it clean. And the team says the solution is much more effective than HEPA filters elsewhere because it captures pollutants at the source. This is indeed a novel approach to the problem of invisible pollution. Not only do these particles float in the air, they eventually get into the water and even into the food supply. < / P > < p > What are the next steps? The tyre collective said it was working with two major tire manufacturers and a major automotive manufacturer to create a joint development process. The goal is to develop a number of small production units by 2030 and test them on the vehicles of undisclosed car manufacturers to pilot them out. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region

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