In the era of traditional fuel vehicles, the core power technology of automobiles is monopolized by foreign enterprises, and Chinese brands can only keep up with each other, which is hard to surpass. However, in the field of pure electric technology, Chinese automobile enterprises and international automobile enterprises are in the same starting line, and have achieved global leading in some technologies. On September 26, GAC new energy first released the world’s first two speed dual motor “four in one” integrated electric drive at the Beijing auto show. With this technology, 100 km acceleration of EA series models will enter 2 seconds. < / P > < p > from the earliest motor, electronic control and differential subtraction relatively independent, to the high integration of the three, we have created the world’s first high-performance “three in one” electric drive, which helped EA LX achieve a 100 km acceleration of 3.9 seconds. < / P > < p > and this release of the world’s first high-performance two gear dual motor “four in one” integrated electric drive has realized the deep integration of dual motor, controller and two gear reducer. According to the official introduction, the technology has won more than 70 patents, including 29 invention patents. With 340kw power, the comprehensive driving efficiency reaches 90%, the power is increased by 13%, the volume is reduced by 30%, and the weight is reduced by 25%. < / P > < p > in the innovation of intelligent network connection technology, GAC new energy applied the Chinese version of high-precision map for the first time in the world. The world’s first 5g + v2x on-board intelligent communication system is installed on the aeon V, which realizes the one button remote parking function, and supports automatic parking in and out of 6 directions in horizontal and vertical directions. < p > < p > according to the official report, based on the excellent conductivity and special three-dimensional structure of graphene, GAC has developed a super fast charging battery, which can fill 80% of the power in 8 minutes, charge for 10 minutes and last 200-300 km. At present, GAC graphene high-tech industrialization company has been established, which also means GAC new energy will accelerate the mass production of graphene super fast charging batteries. < p > < p > according to statistics, GAC new energy’s cumulative sales volume from January to August exceeded 31000, with a year-on-year growth of 75%, ranking among the top three in the industry, becoming the world’s fastest new energy vehicle enterprise with a cumulative production and sales of 100000 vehicles. Both AEA s and ea’an V have won the sales crown in their respective market segments. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days

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