The reporter learned from Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiangsu Province on the 29th that galaxy aerospace, a commercial aerospace and satellite Internet enterprise, will invest in the construction of Satellite Internet industry demonstration projects in the development zone to create a new generation of satellite R & D and intelligent manufacturing base. The satellite intelligent super factory jointly built by the two sides has started construction in Nantong, and will be committed to the low-cost and large-scale intelligent manufacturing of new generation satellites and single machines. It is reported that after the first phase of the project is completed, the annual output of more than 300 satellites will be realized, and the annual income is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan. At the same time, under the guidance of the project, it will gather the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to create a 10 billion scale commercial aerospace and satellite Internet industrial ecology. In recent years, the deployment of global satellite Internet has been accelerated, and the construction of Satellite Internet in China is speeding up. In April this year, the national development and Reform Commission brought the satellite Internet into the scope of new infrastructure construction, and the satellite Internet and related industries ushered in a significant historical opportunity, which put forward an urgent demand for enterprises’ low-cost, high-performance mass production capacity and the layout ability of the whole industrial chain. Galaxy aerospace is a unicorn private enterprise in the field of commercial aerospace and satellite Internet in China, which undertakes the major task of National Satellite Internet. At present, Galaxy aerospace has the capability of independent research and development of payload and whole satellite. It has built a whole industry chain pattern including Ka band satellite terminal, the first set of low orbit Q / V band gateway station in China, ground operation control and network management system, and has established a 5g communication network experimental system for space ground integration. Xu Ming, founder, chairman and CEO of Galaxy aerospace, introduced that galaxy Aerospace will give full play to the advantages of “aerospace + Internet”, and jointly build a new satellite Internet industry ecology with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and jointly improve the global competitiveness of China’s satellite Internet industry. Qiang Qiang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that as a strategic emerging industry, Satellite Internet has a significant role in technology traction and industry driving. The landing of Galaxy Aerospace Satellite intelligent super factory in Nantong will drive the deep integration and development of aerospace, communication and Internet industries in the Yangtze River Delta region, and accelerate the construction and industrial development of Satellite Internet in China Exhibition process. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia