Recently, the graphic lore channel released the popular game ranking table from 2014 to October 2020 in the form of “running chart” according to the survey and statistics made. It is intuitive and vivid. Every year, there are different game masterpieces on the top and sliding. It is worth noting that the classic old game “super Mario 64” has a stable status and is always in the forefront. < / P > < p > · according to the gallop chart, Nintendo’s mainstream game “the flute of the legend of Zelda” has been dominating the list since 2014, with Mario’s several works closely behind. After that, although many new works, such as portal, were once ranked higher, they still couldn’t break the shackles of Nintendo, but it was still my world that defeated Nintendo. < p > < p > · among many Nintendo masterpieces, Super Mario 64 is particularly stable and has always been in the forefront. This masterpiece, which pioneered 3D Japanese games, is really worth playing. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region