Earlier this year, it was reported that game freak, the developer of the fairy treasure dream series, would move to a new office. Now they have apparently completed the move and joined the Kanda square building with other Nintendo studios. Recently, a batch of photos of game freak’s new office space have been released on the Internet. We can see the interior of their office. < / P > < p > “the theme design of the office is based on” fairy treasure dream: Red “and” spirit treasure dream: green “, and the office itself is configured as a game world. The hall area is the starting point of adventure. In the evergreen forest, there are baokemeng calls, sunshine, trees and various creatures. All conference rooms are named after the town in the game, and the theme color of the town is also presented in the meeting room. For example, the theme of Zhenxin town is white, so we use white canvas to design the corresponding material and theme color < / P > < p > it seems that it is a good way for manufacturers to integrate their brand logo into the office environment to realize the corporate culture. I have a little understanding of why the company must hire three aunts to do cleaning. Global Tech