Game props trade is called by the manufacturer, should it claim compensation? Under the background of the internationalization of the current game trading market, game trading often involves the participation of the number owner, game platform and trading platform. When a player is called, the responsibility is not necessarily his own, but the improper operation of one party. Therefore, how to protect their rights and interests may be a question in many people’s minds.


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In today’s “statement today” program, it introduces a typical case about game trading. A “CS: go” player used the C5 trading platform to sell about 320000 yuan worth of skin on his account by way of deposit. Unexpectedly, the account was banned by steam platform, which means that the jewelry inside could not be taken out or transferred.

It is reported that the closure of steam platform generally does not explain the specific reasons. Most of the reasons for the ban are because the platform thinks that there are problems in the source of the account items and signs of fraud, so it is very difficult to appeal. Because the value of the jewelry involved is large and can not be realized, so the players finally choose to sue the trading platform and claim compensation for their economic losses.

Finally, Hangzhou Internet court ruled that the network service contract relationship between the plaintiff and the trading platform was established, and the defendant did not fulfill the reasonable obligation to prompt risks in the format contract, nor could it prove that account blocking was the responsibility of the plaintiff Niu, so he was liable for breach of contract. Compensate the plaintiff for the economic loss of 260000 yuan.

According to the report of today’s statement, China’s civil code is the first one in the world to include virtual property as the object of protection, which provides a basic theoretical basis for the people’s court to hear cases involving virtual property.

It is understood that there are many game props trading platforms similar to C5 trading platform in China. Players do not go through steam’s own trading market because the third-party platform has the advantages of convenient cash withdrawal. The judgment also has great reference value for domestic players and trading platforms.