It’s never easy to choose the game of the year in gamespot, especially in 2020, the game has a profound impact on us. In our discussion, some of us in our team were interested in “gather! The animal friends’ club is very famous. It gives us many blessings in the year when we are away from friends and family. “Final Fantasy 7 remaking” also broke through expectations and delivered a strong message to players. Hardis and the industry are absolutely right, and some people think it’s a miracle. The same is true for all other games that are on the top 10 games list in 2020. In the end, we had only one winner, and after a few hours of discussion, our game of the year award went to half life: Alex. < / P > < p > mainstream VR devices have appeared for several years, but VR itself is still not the mainstream of the game. Our decision to award game of the year to a VR game may be puzzling – after all, although VR hardware is getting cheaper, it’s still relatively expensive to get into the field. But our selection criteria also consider quality, innovation, enjoyment, and how these experiences have changed our thinking about the game. “Half life: Alex” is excellent in all aspects, pushing players to a unique level. < / P > < p > The Adventures of half life: Alex resonate more than their predecessors. The way you observe and explore your surroundings, and the way you put stories together, makes stories more personal. < / P > < p > as a big IP like half life, it’s a bold idea to push the game to virtual reality. If it’s a VR game, it must have half-life. “Half life: Alex” makes use of our understanding of the world to rethink its position in the game from the perspective of playfulness and narrative, and completely control its key and unforgettable moments in your hands. < / P > < p > with the maturity of virtual reality technology, I hope more people can have the opportunity to try this game. Yes, it’s our 2020 game of the year, but half life: Alex’s influence and impact will only get stronger in the next few years. Global Tech