It’s no good for loyal fans to shout. We have to take some action. Recently, a fan of baokemeng published a long-time hot pearl painting baokemeng, which attracted netizens’ admiration. Of course, it also attracted the appreciation of Mr. zengta Shunyi, President of baokemeng. Although the pictures are small due to the amount of information, the actual workload is really huge to astonishing. < p > < p > · hot bead painting is a kind of hand-made method of arranging plastic beads of various colors and heating them with an iron to form a portrait. It takes a lot of time, endurance and perseverance. Of course, the sense of achievement after the completion of the work is also in direct proportion. The netizen who calls himself “baokemeng hot bead painter” is obviously a master in this field《 It is hard to imagine the painstaking efforts of baokemeng. < p > < p > · Shinda Shunichi was attracted and was also amazed, which means that it is really amazing. It is hard to see that it is actually a hot pearl painting. Global Tech