Last month, the world’s largest technology show, consumer electronics show in Las Vegas (CES), will be turned online in 2021, meaning exhibitors and media will not be able to be there in January next year. It is reported that GDC 2021 will be held in San Francisco from July 19 to 21 next year (instead of the usual March), and will also include a powerful virtual product display.

obviously, the organizers expect that covid-19 disease will be relatively better controlled later next year. Maybe vaccination will be gradually promoted, or at least some confidence will be restored to large-scale commercial and social gatherings.

as a technical conference mainly for game developers, GDC may not be the best time to hold large-scale game exhibitions. However, the outbreak of sars-cov-2 this year has disrupted the planning of many industries and conferences.

after the “GDC summer” virtual activity, the organizers seem to be ready to promote the “GDC virtual master class” later this year, in order to provide students with in-depth understanding of game development.

in addition, in order to fill the vacancy in March 2021, the organizer also plans to launch a week-long “GDC community celebration” (held from March 1 to 5) to introduce the high-profile games, speeches, Q & A and more behind the scenes interactive content in the past year.

By ibmwl