On September 28, Geely Automobile Science and technology innovation board IPO application was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Geely Automobile is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of passenger cars and core parts. It independently masters the key core technologies in the automotive field, and its model layout covers the mainstream market in an all-round way. The company’s raised funds will be used for new model product R & D projects, forward-looking technology R & D projects, industrial acquisition projects and supplementary working capital. < p > < p > Geely Automobile has formed two routes of “high efficiency fuel power” and “diversified new energy” vehicles. The relevant mature technologies are fully applied to its models, and relevant frontier technology fields are arranged. Geely Automobile Co., Ltd. has made a comprehensive layout of 48V, hybrid, pure electric, fuel cell and other technical routes, and strengthened the core three electric technologies of new energy vehicles, especially battery management system and electronic control system; in terms of intelligent technology, the company attaches importance to software development ability, and is in the leading position of domestic automobile enterprises in centralized electronic and electrical architecture; intelligent driving In terms of technology, in 2018, the company took the lead in launching L2 level automatic driving function among its own brands, and is actively promoting the R & D and industrialization of L3 level automatic driving technology. < / P > < p > during the reporting period, the total sales volume of the company’s three major brands (including leading brand) were 1247100, 150800, 1361600 and 530400 respectively. According to the statistics of CAAC, the total market share of the three brands is 5.04%, 6.34%, 6.35% and 6.76% respectively, ranking first in the sales volume of domestic independent automobile enterprises for three and a half years. < p > < p > under the background of accelerating the electrification of the automobile industry, Geely Automobile actively promotes the application of new energy and electrification technology. Geely Automobile introduced that the company is developing the second generation 48V light hybrid system, and it is expected that the fuel saving rate will be further improved, and the relevant model products will be on the market in the near future; in terms of high-voltage hybrid technology, the company is developing the second-generation system, which uses the combination of special engine, special dual motor and gearbox, and the target fuel saving rate will reach 45%, and the corresponding model products will be launched in the near future; In terms of pure electric technology, the company has established joint ventures with LG and Ningde times, the global head battery suppliers, in the field of battery cells, to engage in the development and production of soft and hard pack batteries, and master the key battery capacity supply; in terms of fuel cell and methanol fuel technology, the company has overcome the technical problems of methanol corrosivity and emission control, and has a number of related patents It is the first company in the world to have methanol fuel mass production vehicles, and relevant products have been operated in Guizhou and other places. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park