On February 18, Taizhou XingKong Zhilian, a satellite factory of Geely technology group, was approved by the national development and Reform Commission for a commercial satellite manufacturing project. It is reported that the first equipment of star smart link satellite factory has entered the market and is expected to be put into production in October this year, with an annual output of more than 500 satellites.

Tianyancha app shows that Taizhou XingKong Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2019, with the legal representative of Xu Bing and the registered capital of 30 million yuan. Its business scope mainly includes satellite communication system, photoelectric technology, electromechanical technology, communication technology, data processing technology, electronic products, etc. Tianyancha app equity penetration shows that the company is wholly owned by Geely maijie Investment Co., Ltd., and the suspected actual controller is Li Shufu, with a shareholding ratio of 91%.

In fact, this is not the first time Geely technology has deployed in this field. As early as 2010, Li Shufu proposed: while taking root in an earth, we should also look at the vast universe, where there are countless planets. Human beings should continue to explore and speed up the development of the space world and the future of the universe with a more bold and scientific attitude. While protecting and developing the earth’s economy, we can completely open up a broader universe.

Li Shufu once predicted that the future means of transportation will be transformed into “space mobile terminal” of intelligent driving. At that time, self driving cars will realize vertical take off and landing and free flight in three-dimensional space without runway.

In this context, in August 2017, Geely Automobile successfully acquired Terrafugia, an American flying automobile company, and named Taili flying automobile company in Chinese. In September 2019, Geely successively participated in the first round of round C financing of volocopte, a German urban air travel company, and decided to become a joint venture.

On April 24 last year, Geely officially announced that the first double star was launched in Jiuquan at the end of the year, and space-time Daoyu joined hands with Lingke automobile in the star journey. After the dual star is officially put into use, it will enable users to carry out various businesses including high-precision positioning, and the resulting massive data will realize data capitalization and asset value through omnicloud platform. For example, in terms of urban travel, through high-precision positioning technology, artificial intelligence and other services to analyze data, supervise vehicles, and provide urban public vehicle supervision, online car Hailing supervision, and shared car supervision services. In the aspect of intelligent driving, it helps the perception, decision-making and control of intelligent driving, creates a safe and reliable driving experience, and serves for highway automatic cruise (HWA), vehicle road coordination (v2x), AR Lane level navigation solution and advanced automatic driving (had). In terms of industrial manufacturing, by installing corresponding sensors on the equipment, equipment manufacturers can monitor, upgrade and maintain the equipment remotely and anytime.

People in the industry believe that Geely’s move is not for benchmarking musk, but to increase the chips of “unmanned driving”, or even to prepare for the launch of flying concept cars.

At present, aerospace technology is more and more used in the automotive field. For example, aluminum and carbon fiber, which are widely used in automobiles, were originally used to reduce the weight of spacecraft; HUD head up display system was also invented in order not to distract astronauts. This is also the reason why many auto companies covet “flying”.

Upstream news · Chongqing Business Daily reporter Yan Wei