The domestic automobile market has experienced a long winter, many old domestic automobile enterprises are also on the verge of collapse, and Lifan automobile is now in the crisis. On the evening of August 6, Lifan shares announced that Chongqing Lifan Holding Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder, was unable to pay off its due debts and its assets were insufficient to pay off all debts. < / P > < p > previously, there were also reports in domestic media that Geely Auto’s acquisition of Lifan shares had become a foregone conclusion. At that time, Lifan would only retain the motorcycle sector, and the rest would be taken over by Geely, “including shell resources of listed companies, production qualifications, financial licenses, etc.”. However, today, Geely, a domestic car, is still very interested in Lifan and has participated in the restructuring of Lifan shares. Recently, Lifan Co., Ltd. issued a “progress announcement on the recruitment and restructuring of investors”, which said that Chongqing Liangjiang Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Geely maijie Investment Co., Ltd. were in the joint venture status. < / P > < p > in accordance with the provisions of the recruitment announcement, the registration materials for investors intending to restructure were submitted to the manager. After confirmation by the manager, the registration of Liangjiang fund and maijie investment is valid, and they are now participating in the reorganization of the company as the investors of intention to restructure. According to the data, Geely maijie Investment Co., Ltd. was established on October 27, 2015, and its legal representative is Xu Zhihao. Its business scope includes industrial investment, investment consultation and entrusted enterprise asset management. In the shareholder information of the company, Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd. holds 99% of the shares and Hangzhou JIhang Technology Co., Ltd. holds 1%. Therefore, the actual controller is Li Shufu. This also means that Geely has begun to participate in the reorganization of Lifan. < / P > < p > before that, when the court ruled to accept the judicial restructuring of Lifan shares, it held that Lifan shares had been unable to pay off their due debts, and the current monetary capital was 43 million yuan, and the due debts were 1.196 billion yuan. Other properties had poor liquidity and could not be realized. Therefore, it should be recognized that Lifan shares obviously lacked the ability to pay off debts according to law. < p > < p > If Lifan shares go bankrupt, it will bring great losses to the interests of creditors, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. At the same time, because Lifan shares, has established a relatively complete industrial chain system, numerous sales channels, with restructuring value. < p > < p > in fact, Lifan’s current financial and operating conditions are extremely unsatisfactory. According to the online public data, 392 lawsuits (Arbitration) involving 2.906 billion yuan have been involved. Today, faced with the bankruptcy crisis, Lifan automobile, which is in urgent need of asset restructuring, will face what kind of situation will Lifan automobile go towards in the next rebirth road. We will also keep an eye on this. In addition, it is worth noting that Geely has been very pragmatic in recent years, and a lot of down-to-earth domestic car companies have joined Geely’s camp. < p > < p > in July, Valin Xingma announced that the company and Zhejiang Geely new energy Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. signed the share transfer agreement. After the transfer, Geely commercial vehicle group will hold 15.24% of the company’s equity, which is the company’s controlling shareholder. However, with the participation of Geely in the project of restructuring Lifan shares this time, the overall strength of Geely Group is bound to reach a higher level due to the accumulation of Lifan automobile production capacity and technology. Global Tech