In terms of automobile styling design in China, Geely is definitely in the top three levels in terms of the most innovative automobile enterprises. Since Geely icon, link and other iconic appearance of the market, Geely car design style has experienced a great change. However, Geely’s car is not only unique in appearance, but also in the interior design, seat layout and even the positioning of the model, which can be regarded as the best of the alternative. < / P > < p > recently, a blogger uploaded a video to show their static experience of the new generation of British TX taxis in Geely Zibo factory. (click here to watch the video) < / P > < p > from the video, we can see that the appearance of this car seems to have something to do with MPV, but its unique design and layout make it difficult to completely belong to the MPV camp. < / P > < p > in terms of design, the car is highly consistent with the previous traditional London Taxis in Britain. With its simple body appearance, it is not easy to associate it with modern cars. < / P > < p > however, after opening the door, the application of full LCD instrument panel, suspended central control screen and electronic gear handle has improved the sense of technology in the car by several levels. < / P > < p > at the same time, the rear row uses the unusual “3 + 3” design, except that the three seats in the second row are folded on the back of the front seat and face the rear part of the car. < / P > < p > when there are not many people, you can directly make three seats in the third row. If more passengers are needed, the three seats in the second row can be lowered to meet the demand. According to the information declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology before, the length, width and height of the vehicle is 4866 / 1945 / 1880 mm, and the wheelbase is 2986 mm. < / P > < p > in general, although TX is quite different in appearance, as a taxi operating vehicle, the space of the vehicle is extremely competitive, and there are many bright spots. In terms of price, it is expected that the price of this new car will exceed 200000 yuan after it comes into the market. At present, Geely has put TX models into operation in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and has become a rental car with local characteristics. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4