On the morning of November 10, the General Administration of market supervision and the State Post Office held a press conference to explain the establishment and implementation of green product certification system for express packaging. It is understood that in recent years, with the rapid development of the postal express industry, the business volume and the scale of the industry continue to grow. Based on the risk of resource consumption and environmental pollution caused by express packaging, the Party Central Committee, the State Council and all sectors of society pay close attention to it. Due to the lack of authoritative green certification and unified identification of express packaging products, it is difficult to identify consumers, purchase and use delivery enterprises, and on-site inspection by supervision and management departments, which restricts the in-depth development of Green Governance of express packaging. Since last year, the General Administration of market supervision and the state post office have adhered to the problem orientation, carried out in-depth investigation and research, extensively listened to opinions and suggestions, and steadily promoted the establishment of green product certification system for express packaging, and made substantial breakthroughs. The “Green Express” was issued on March 25 this year, and the implementation of green express product certification was carried out. On October 10, the State Post Office issued the technical requirements for green product certification of express packaging. According to the national standard green product evaluation of express packaging products, the certification basis of green product for express packaging was refined. On October 30, the two departments jointly issued an announcement on the certification catalogue of green products for express packaging (the first batch) and the certification rules for green products of express packaging, clarifying the scope and specific rules of green product certification for express packaging. The first batch of green product certification catalogue of express packaging gives priority to 10 kinds of products, such as packing box and adhesive tape, which are widely used in postal express industry. From the perspective of top-level design, the framework of green product certification system for express packaging has been basically established. According to Bo Yumin, deputy director of the certification and supervision department of the General Administration of market supervision, quality certification is vividly called the “medical certificate” of quality management, the “letter of credit” of market economy and the “pass” of international trade. The green product certification system of express packaging is an important part of the unified green product certification system in China. At present, the implementation of green certification for express packaging is the first in the world. As a big manufacturing country, export country and logistics country, China takes the lead in promoting green product certification of express packaging, which is also an important embodiment of China’s active implementation of international emission reduction commitment and showing the responsibility of a big country, and provides a Chinese scheme for promoting the green development of global express packaging industry. Hou Yanbo, spokesman for the State Post Office, said that the next step is to focus on promoting implementation. First, actively carry out the publicity and implementation of certification policy. Enhance the industry’s awareness of green certification, and actively guide production enterprises to apply for green certification voluntarily. The second is to promote the acceptance of certification results. It will be included in the green development action plan of postal express industry (2021-2025), actively guide the delivery enterprises to purchase and use express packaging with green product certification, and gradually improve the proportion and application scale of green packaging. The third is to strengthen supporting construction. Cooperate with the General Administration of market supervision to set up a green product certification technology expert group for express packaging, and take effective measures to improve the testing service ability and solve the problem of insufficient supply. Fourth, do a good job in daily supervision and management. In addition, relevant information systems will be built to incorporate green certification management into it, so as to enhance the supervision and service capabilities. Global Tech