A few days ago, the general office of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice on strengthening the market price supervision during the Spring Festival on New Year’s Day 2021, saying that it is necessary to strengthen the price supervision of e-commerce platforms. The notice pointed out that during the two festivals, the price promotion of community group buying, takeout and online shopping platforms increased. It is necessary to strengthen the price supervision of online sales of goods and services, urge operators to improve the price promotion scheme, and investigate and deal with various kinds of improper price behaviors such as fictitious original price, misleading price labeling, and failure to fulfill price commitments according to law. < / P > < p > strengthen the price supervision of tourism industry. During the two festivals, people’s demand for tourism and travel flow has increased significantly. It is necessary to do a good job in the price supervision of the tourism industry, sort out the list of scenic spots with price reduction and price reduction policies in various provinces, and focus on investigating and punishing the illegal behaviors of state-owned scenic spots, such as not implementing government pricing, adding charging items without authorization, increasing ticket prices in disguised form, price fraud, not pricing according to regulations, not implementing preferential measures, etc. Efforts should be made to standardize the price order of catering, accommodation, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, parking and other links, guide operators to do a good job in publicizing clearly marked prices and charges, and seriously investigate and deal with all kinds of price violations. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States