GM has put forward a strategy to try to reverse its decline in China and catch up with Tesla’s leading position in selling electric vehicles in the world’s largest auto market. Executives such as GM CEO Mary Barra and GM China President Julian blissett outlined their plans to launch new electric vehicles, gas sport utility vehicles, intelligent driving and connectivity features in China on Wednesday.

GM is trying to convince investors that its strategy to bring electric vehicles to the global market will make it a strong competitor for Tesla. GM is also under pressure to spin off its electric vehicle division. In recent months, electric car startups have raised billions of dollars on Wall Street.

“we have invested heavily in technology and innovation, which will help us achieve our vision,” Barra said in a video on the company’s investor website. “From 2020 to 2025, we will allocate more than $20 billion of capital and engineering resources to our EV and AV projects.”

China’s auto market is recovering after two years of decline, thanks to the reopening of new car showrooms, the control of the covid-19 epidemic and the improvement of the economy. Sales growth of electric vehicles outpaced fuel vehicles last month.

general motors provided more information on its new global electric vehicle platform, ultium battery system and the next generation of electric vehicles for China in Shanghai on Wednesday.

in the next five years, more than 40% of GM’s new models in China will adopt electric vehicles. They will be made in China, with almost all parts coming from local suppliers

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