Gigabyte launched a new aorus gen4 AIC SSD today, with a capacity of 2TB and 8tb. However, it is not a single hard disk, but a combination of four. Although more complex and expensive, the performance is much better. Gigabyte has previously released aorus gen4 SSD with a maximum capacity of 2TB, m.2280 form, which adopts cluster E16 master control and 96 layers of 3D TLC flash memory particles. Of course, this product has a certain demand for the system hardware and software platform, and must support nvme raid, but as long as the processor and motherboard of the last four or five years, plus the windows 10 operating system, it will be OK. < / P > < p > in order to ensure the stable operation of the four pcie4.0 SSDs, Gigabyte has designed an advanced cooling scheme, using active turbine fan, large area of pure copper cooling block and auxiliary backplane. Skip to content