Last night, King glory held its fifth anniversary celebration, and the official announced a new news: that is, in 2020, the number of active users of King glory will be 100 million. At the same time, the official disclosed two new IP mobile games named “Breaking Dawn” and “departure” respectively. Among them, “Breaking Dawn” is a pun, which is not only the most expensive weapon in the glory of the king, but also implies the status of the new game. < p > < p > in the publicity of code name: Breaking Dawn, the official said: “in the star lamp of Jixia University, the mystery of the ancient miracle gem” heart of Breaking Dawn “is hidden. Fate led the hero to open the door of Chang’an, and the power of dawn shook the king’s land. No matter how strong the enemy is, a heroic battle never fails. If you fight recklessly, the king’s hero will never bow his head! ” < / P > < p > the official said that the brand-new action mobile game code: Breaking Dawn inherits the image and skills of the king’s glory hero, bringing the ultimate refreshing action game experience. < / P > < p > another new mobile game of King’s glory IP, code: departure, seems to be a large-scale online role-playing mobile game. Here, players will explore the king’s land beyond the king’s Canyon. < p > < p > in the preview, the audience has a taste of the desert land in the clouds with blooming petals and scales; in the future, the mysterious places such as Chang’an City, Xuanyong, Jixia college and yunmengze will be unveiled. Privacy Policy