According to reports, since 0:00 on August 20, US Eastern time, users have found that their G suite service network connection problems, especially their Gmail can not send e-mail. Google’s app status page has just been updated to confirm that they have received reports of problems related to Gmail and Google drive. But an hour ago, there were thousands of problem reports on Twitter and downdetector. < / P > < p > a user found that he can send E-mail now, but when he tries to upload the attachment, he finds that the upload is slow. Even if the upload is completed, an error message will pop up to remind him to check the network connection. Many other users have the same problem. But at least, regular email can be sent. Another bad news for remote workers is that slack seems to have some problems. < / P > < p > event update: Google’s status page shows that they are constantly investigating the issue. In addition, Google meet, Google Voice and Google doc also received problem reports based on the updated content of the page. There are also claims that the content upload function on YouTube has also been affected. Global Tech