On September 8, General Motors announced a strategic partnership with Nikola. And will produce hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup badger in 2022. Among them, GM will acquire $2 billion of Nikolay’s newly issued common shares with equivalent non cash assets, and is expected to gain more than $4 billion in stock value, battery and fuel cell supply, product development and manufacturing, and electric vehicle points. < / P > < p > according to Nikolai’s expectation, through the cooperation, the expenses in the field of battery and drive system can be reduced by US $4 billion in the next 10 years, and the engineering verification cost of its products will be reduced by about 1 billion US dollars. In response to the news, Nigu Latin American shares rose more than 46% and GM shares rose nearly 9%. By the end of the day, GM’s share price was up 7.93%, while Nikolai’s share price was up 40.79% overnight. In sharp contrast, Tesla, GM’s largest U.S. competitor, has recently plummeted 21%. “The strategic cooperation with Nikolai has enabled the ultium and hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell systems to be more widely used,” said Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of general motors. We are expanding in several major electric vehicle segments to reduce the cost of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells and increase profitability. At the same time, the application of GM’s electrification technology solutions to heavy commercial vehicles is an important step towards a “zero emission” future. ” < / P > < p > through the cooperation of Nikolai, in the future, GM will expand the application of hydrogen fuel cell technology to the 7 / 8 type semi-trailer truck market, so that its industry-leading hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell system can realize large-scale commercial landing, and become an effective supplement to battery driven technology. < / P > < p > both companies have said that the hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup truck badger will be put into production in 2022 and will be sold and marketed by Nikolai, but it is not clear which GM plant will build it. In addition, GM will receive zero emission points from sales of Nikolai pickup trucks during the term of the contract. According to the content of the agreement, GM will also work with Nikolai to promote the application of hydrotec hydrogen fuel cells and ultium battery systems in more markets. < / P > < p > Nikolai’s decision to use GM’s battery system came as a surprise because the company said last year that it was developing its own new chemicals. Milton, the head of the company, said in a conference call that using the ultium system was a decision to consider reducing development and manufacturing costs. < / P > < p > but it has not yet produced a profitable product, most of which are concept products or battery technology, except that badger is planned to be put into production in 2022; Nikola tre electric heavy truck is expected to be launched in 2021; and Nikola two hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck will be officially launched in 2023. At present, the company has received orders for at least 14000 non emission trucks. < / P > < p > in addition to strategic cooperation with Nikolai, general motors and Honda Motor have recently signed a memorandum of understanding to establish an automobile business alliance in North America. It plans to develop vehicle models for their respective brands in the form of alliance, and cooperate in the fields of procurement, R & D and Internet of vehicles services. < / P > < p > Honda will jointly develop two new Honda pure electric vehicles based on GM ultium battery and highly flexible global electric vehicle platform. < p > < p > as the world’s largest car company for 100 years, after the financial crisis in 2008, GM’s market share gradually declined. With the development of electric vehicles, it pays more and more attention to automatic driving and the development of new power forms. It remains to be seen whether GM can take advantage of the opportunity of electrification reform to rejuvenate itself. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen