In 2018, we reported that Jorge Barros, a foreign god, used illusory 4 engines to recreate the scene of the “Star Wars prequel 1” robot spaceship. At that time, the project was still in the production stage, and now there is good news that Jorge Barros has completed the project alone. < / P > < p > compared with other star wars remaking projects, Jorge Barros produced a completely playable demo with modeling materials made by himself, which is really admirable. Currently, Jorge Barros does not provide demo download. But he released the preview demo and screenshots. Let’s enjoy his achievements! < / P > < p > the first video is a Remake Trailer that shows the remade image. As you can see from the video, the author seems to have used real-time ray tracing technology, which is impressive. < / P > < p > as you can see from the video and the screenshots, the game screen is very beautiful, just like a movie. I hope Jorge Barros can release a remake of Star Wars: prequel 1 as soon as possible to try demo, so that players can also experience it. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today