Although the iPhone 12 has not been fully shipped, but from the open package drawings circulated on the Internet, it is basically new color. Will you pay for the new color? According to foreign media techcrunch, the golden color is the most special version of the iPhone 12, because Apple has paid more attention to it, but users are paying more attention to the new color. < / P > < p > how special is the new color? According to techcrunch, the golden version of Apple’s iPhone 12 has been treated more carefully, such as using a special coating process. Unlike other versions, the new device uses high-power, pulsed magnetron sputtering (hipims) process, while the rest are physical vapor deposition (PVD). < / P > < p > the above advantages are that the new technology can make the stainless steel frame of iPhone 12 more resistant to fingerprints, make the frame more shiny and glossy, and make it easier to wipe and scratch. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region