The company said in the document that it would use this Friday as a one-off paid holiday for full-time employees and interns as a “collective benefit.”. Together with the original three-day holiday on Labor Day (the first Monday in September), the total number of holidays this year has reached four. < / P > < p > “we strongly recommend that you have a holiday on this day – managers should actively support the team in reorienting their work so that they can arrange the holiday.” Google wrote on an internal staff forum, “if your manager thinks there is an urgent task for you to complete as soon as possible, it should also take off until the next working day.” < / P > < p > the announcement comes at a time when the company’s executives are struggling to find ways to support employees’ telecommuting, which they plan to maintain until at least mid-2021. Casual workers, suppliers or contract workers do not enjoy this Friday’s paid leave policy, which is determined by their real employers. But these irregular workers make up about half of Google’s workforce. < / P > < p > internal documents show that some support teams are not entitled to Friday paid leave because they have to cope with customer needs. But these welfare teams are also exploring. < / P > < p > some employees prefer to choose other leave days, but Google does not provide such a choice. For employees who have asked for leave on the same day, the company recommends that they cancel the application and reschedule to “make full use of the extra leave”. Global Tech