According to reports, people familiar with the matter said that Google, owned by alphabet Inc., is advising employees across the company to return to the countries in which they are employed by the end of the year. Previously, at the height of the covid-19 epidemic, Google had allowed some employees to emigrate for personal reasons (such as returning to their own countries) and continuing to work remotely. The person, who asked not to be named, said the policy was now coming to an end, but that special assessments might be conducted in high-risk areas.

when Google novel coronavirus began to spread in March, it was one of the first large companies that required employees to work at home. In July, Google said it would allow employees to work remotely for a year, while delaying plans to reopen offices. Google has previously said workers can stay at home until the end of the year. Colin grant, an analyst with Irish securities firm Davy, said in a report on Tuesday that at Google’s European headquarters in Ireland, many technology workers who left Ireland temporarily during the worst of the epidemic “have been asked to return to Ireland by the end of the year, partly for tax and legal reasons.”. < p > < p > grant estimates that 30% of Google’s more than 7000 Irish employees have left their jobs during the pandemic. One person familiar with the matter said the number was too high. The novel coronavirus pneumonia, Ruth Porat Ruth Porat, chief executive of

Alphabet, said earlier this month that although the face-to-face cooperation among employees is the key to innovation, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will inevitably change the nature of the current work. Other large technology companies, including Facebook Inc. and Amazon Inc., also said employees could stay at home until at least early 2021. Global Tech