It was reported on November 16 that the 2020 Google Developer Conference officially opened. Affected by this year’s epidemic, the event was held online for the first time. In his opening speech, Mr. Chen Junting, President of Google’s Greater China region, introduced various educational programs that Google supports individuals, enterprises and communities and helps cultivate developers. For example, at last year’s Google developer conference, Google released the “grow with Google growth plan”. In the past year, this program has provided more than 20 different education programs for students, developers and enterprises, and has established cooperative relationships with more than 1000 schools, with nearly 7 Ten thousand teachers and students participated in Google’s teacher training, online courses and student activities, and about one million students and new employees benefited directly or indirectly. At the same time, he also announced that Google, together with Netease Youdao, launched the “grow with Google” Learning Zone on the MOOC platform of Chinese University this year, launching three courses, namely “tensorflow introduction and Practice Course”, “arcore development introduction course” and “overseas digital marketing course”, so that students and developers can learn various technologies more easily. < / P > < p > in addition, in this year’s keynote speech, Google also brought the development technology updates such as Android, tensorflow, fluent, web, firebase, and wearos, hoping to enable Chinese developers to innovate continuously and provide better products and experiences for global users through more powerful, efficient, stable and easy-to-use solutions. < / P > < p > tensorflow: tensorflow 2.3 version update, focusing on distributed training; document improvement to improve practicability; support integration of new GPU; newly translated Chinese guides, tutorials and documents < / P > < p > firebase: firebase simulation suite, bringing faster and safer development experience; firebase performance monitoring to help more efficient operation of applications; firebase Crashytics helps monitor, prioritize and repair stability issues; import segmentation allows developers to lock in any custom user segment < / P > < p > arcore: instant placement of API, deep API and persistent cloud anchor can help developers create interesting and real applications, which can be used in richer scenarios < / P > < p > Google New features of smart devices such as detect and home devices can be improved= target=_ blank>Skip to content