According to the verge, Google, Dell, Intel and other mainstream technology companies in the it and cloud computing industries have joined forces to address security, telecommuting and other enterprise services issues that have become particularly important during the new outbreak. The alliance of these companies is called the modern computing alliance, and its founding members include box, cirtrix, imprivata, OKTA, ringcentral, slack, VMware and zoom. < / P > < p > the alliance will first focus on four areas: performance; security and authentication; telework, productivity and collaboration; and healthcare. The goal is to pool knowledge and resources to address the two common issues of how companies work in the cloud and the tools they use. < / P > < p > the alliance is committed to developing new standards and interoperable technologies that can be experienced by any company using its member platforms or products. In particular, Google is working with the Chrome browser, the chrome operating system team, and the Department responsible for Google workplace. < p > < p > John Solomon, vice president of Google Chrome OS, said: “we are pleased to announce that Google has joined the modern computing alliance to address the biggest it challenges facing businesses today.” He called it “integration from silicon to cloud.”. < / P > < p > “we are working with a group of forward-looking industry leaders to adjust standards and technologies to provide companies with high-performance, cloud computing solutions from vendors who provide solutions for today’s business age.” The verge reported that the establishment of this modern computing alliance actually predated the emergence of the new crown epidemic. Solomon told the media that discussions about the alliance began at last year’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. However, at the beginning of this year, with the emergence of the new crown epidemic in the world, companies around the world began to transition to remote office. The alliance decided to expand its business scope and introduce more partners, such as slack and zoom, which witnessed the great transformation of office mode. Solomon also stressed that “the demand and computing model our users expect is a real change in the way we work -” it’s not a very common speech, but it’s really not an ordinary moment. ” Looking to the future, the alliance aims to bring in as many IT professionals as possible, assist in the establishment of expert committees, be able to identify problems and find solutions; the alliance also intends to share some specific action plans in the first half of 2021. Global Tech